Why Did Bugs Like To Hide In Your Home?


Bugs and insects have a completely different appearance from humans, but something which is common in both includes food, water, shelter, warmth for survival. So, because of these reasons, unwanted bugs and insects can potentially like your home as much as you do.

Here are few reasons stating why bugs like to hide in your house: 

What Attracts Bugs To A House?

According to professionals who work in Pest Control Grange, there are some items in or around your house which can invite pests. 

Pot Plants

Many homeowners bring their precious pot plants inside the house in the winter month to protect it from getting frostbite. Often, pests that can be hitching a ride in your pot or leaves can find their way inside your home. 

 Some common bugs that make me hide in or on your pot plant are: 

  • Spiders
  • Beetles
  • Slaters
  • Ants

Solution – Before bringing plants inside your home, give it a thorough check. 

White Light

Some of the nighttime insects like beetles, moths, crane flies, etc., get attracted to the white light. By white light we mean, the light bulb.  

Solution: The best way to solve this problem is to swap out your white light with yellow bulbs. In this way, insects will not see the same way they do in the white light and will not enter your home. 

Paper Bags

As plastic shopping bags are banned in Australia, most of the stores offer paper bags. As we don’t throw paper bags and try to reuse them again and again, it comes with a hidden risk of pests invasion. Talking about roaches, the love to hide and lay eggs in paper bag creases. So, you need to take extra caution. 

Solution – the best way to avoid cockroaches taking over the paper bags, keep them in a sealable container. 

Drip – Ghostly Plumbing Issues

Insects can easily find out the places in your home from where water drips. They get thirsty and the grave of water hides away, so you may find them easily in your kitchen or bathroom if there is a problem of dripping faucets. 

Solution– if there is any leak in the house, call professionals to repair it fast before it invites pests and gives your home a ghostly appearance.

Final Thoughts

If you are unlikely to resist bugs and insects in your place, keep following the solutions, we shared. If still, you find any pest invasion, call us for help.